History of Pharmacy in India and Related Aspects, Volume 5

 Builders and Awareness Creators of Modern Pharmacy 2
  by Harkishan Singh
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   ISBN 81-85731-44-6; 1st Ed. 2008; pp.xiv+362

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 About The Book  

   During the colonial rule the newly introduced health care system developed reasonably well but regrettably its pharmaceutical component remained neglected. It needed a long-drawn out struggle to improve its lot. In this tome, second on builders and awareness creators of modern pharmacy, the lives and contributions of a dozen of the forebears are profiled.


“This book, like the previous ones on the series has been rigorously researched and is meticulously referenced. The next step is to present this material in a broad social, political and cultural and economic context, and to locate it in the wider literature on the history of pharmacy and medicine; Singh has created an important legacy on which future social historians of pharmacy can build”
—S. Anderson


 1. Introduction
 2. Nitai Krishna Basu
 3. Surendra Nath Biswas
 4. Keshab Chandra Chatterjee
 5. Jyotish Chandra Ghosh
 6. Manohar Lal Khorana
 7. Dhirendra Nath Majumdar
 8. Homi Ruttonji Nanji
 9. Bhupendra Vallabhbhai Patel
10. Ratilal Prabhudas Patel
11. Sankatha Prasad
12. Gorakh Prasad Srivastava
13. Baij Nath Vyas
    Seven appendices cover the presidential addresses of
    certain of the above at respective Indian Pharmaceutical
    Conferences / Congresses