Social Pharmacy
  by Rafiul Haque
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   ISBN978-93-85529-61-0; 1st Ed. 2024, + 314

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 About The Book  

   The book is suitable for D.Pharm, First-year students as per new PCI regulations.

   This social pharmacy book is composed to educate about public health, epidemiology, preventive care, and other social health-related concepts. This book will help to understand basic concepts of public health and national health programmes, preventive healthcare, food, and nutrition-related health issues, health education and health promotion, general duties and responsibilities of pharmacists in public health.

   Topics such as roles of pharmacists in various national health programmes; various sources of health hazards; healthcare issues associated with food & nutrition; and disease preventive measures are discussed. The subject matter is illustrated with well-designed diagrams and tables.


1. Introduction to Social Pharmacy

2. Preventive Healthcare

3. Nutrition and Health

4. Introduction to Microbiology and Common Microorganisms

5. Health Systems and National Health Programmes in India

6. Pharmacoeconomics

Appendix I : List of Abbreviations
     Appendix II : Tables
     Appendix III : Multiple Choice Questions
     Appendix IV : Model Question Papers for Annual Examination
     Appendix V : Model Question Paper for Sessional/Internal Theory Examination