A Textbook of Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy
  by Dr. P.C. Dandiya & Dr. Mukul Mathur
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   ISBN 81-85731-01-2; 4th Ed. 2005, Rpt 2023; pp.viii+280

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 About The Book  

   The textbook of Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy has been written for second year students of diploma in pharmacy keeping in mind the specific requirements of the Pharmacy Council of India, ER-1991.
   The drugs available today are more active substances than of a decade back. Their handling, dispensing and administration demands the services of an expert professional and the pharmacist of tomorrow has to equip himself for it. This text is an endeavour towards this goal.


1. Hospitals
2. Hospital Pharmacy : An Introduction
3. Drug Distribution System
4. Manufacturing in Hospital Pharmacy
5. Quality Control and Quality Assurance
6. Hospital Equipment and Health Accessories
7. Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
8. Drug Information and Drug Information Bulletin
9. Surgical Supplies
10. Computers in Pharmacy

11. An Introduction to Clinical Pharmacy
12. Modern Dispensing Aspects
13. Pharmaceutical Care
14. Common Medical Terminology
15. Common Diseases—Manifestations and Pathophysiology
16. Clinical Significance of Some Physiological Parameters
17. Drug-Drug Interactions
18. Adverse Drug Reactions
19. Drugs in Clinical Toxicity
20. Drug Dependence and Abuse
21. Bioavailability

   1. To prepare distilled water
   2. Preparation of sterile water for injection IP
   3. Pharmacopœial tests on sterile water for injection
   4. To prepare 500 ml of 5% dextrose injection
   5. To perform the bacterial endotoxin test on dextrose injection
   6. Pyrogens testing of normal saline injection
   7. Limit test for particulate matter in the 5% dextrose solution
   8. To determine the pH of solutions
   9. To sterilize a liquid by filtration
   10. Determination of sodium and potassium concentration in a biological
          fluid using a flame photometer
   11. To operate an autoclave (wet heat sterilization)
   12. To operate a hot oven (dry heat sterilization)
   13. To determine the osmolality of 0.9% w/v sodium chloride solution
   14. To determine the water soluble substances in absorbent cotton
   15. To test for colouring matter in absorbent cotton
   16. To test for acidity/alkalinity and surface active substances
          in absorbent cotton
   17. Evaluation of tablets
   18. To perform disintegration test on tablets
   19. Evaluation of capsules
   20. Evaluation of eye ointments
   21. Evaluation of eye drops
   22. To create a database of physicians and to retrieve the information on the
          basis of different parameters
   23. To create a database of patients and to retrieve the information on the
          basis of different parameters