Laboratory Manual of Physical Pharmaceutics-II
  by C.V.S. Subrahmanyam / J. Thimmasetty
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   ISBN 978-93-85529-69-6; 1st Ed. 2024; pp.viii+128

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 About The Book  

   This book is supplemented with the laboratory manuals to develop the skills and also to focus on the essential aspects. The current edition is the first edition of the laboratory manual of Physical Pharmaceutics–II.

   The physical and chemical principles are applied in the design of dosage forms (formulation development). This book attempts to bring all the relevant experiments at one place. The structure of book is retained for maintaining the familiarity and readability.

         1. Concepts and principles are Pharmacy oriented.
         2. Model calculations help in processing the raw data independently.
         3. Illustrations facilitate the students in organizing one’s laboratory work in a cohesive manner.
         4. Question bank is included for guiding the student to perform viva voce well.



  1. Nature of Suspending Agents – Physical Stability of Suspensions

  2. Concentrations of Suspending agents – Physical Stability

  3. Viscosity of Liquids – Capillary Flow Method

  4. Composition of Glycerin in water – Capillary Flow Method

  5. Preparation and Evaluation of Deflocculated and Flocculated Suspensions

  6. Particle Size Determination – Microscopy

  7. Particle Size Determination – Sieving Method

  8. Flow Properties – Powders/Granules

  9. Porosity – Powders

10. Preparation and Physical Stability Evaluation of Sulphur Colloids

11. Identification and Physical Stability – Evaluation of Emulsions

12. Acid Hydrolysis – First Order Rate Constant

13. Alkali Hydrolysis of Ester–Second Order Rate Constant

14. Accelerated Stability Studies–Solution Phase Aspirin Kinetics

15. Viscosity Determination–Brookfield Viscometer

   I Greek Alphabets
  II Subunits and Conversions
 III Definitions and Meanings
 IV All in Twos – Know them Well
  V Glossary of Symbols
 VI Bibliography